Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Scavenger Hunt for Mini's

A Scavenger Hunt for Mini's at Bass Pro Shops and Mini WishesWhen I go to home improvement stores, hardware stores or other big box stores, I like to go on small scavenger hunts for things that could be used in miniatures. Yesterday while in Charlotte, NC for a meeting, Jerry and I went across the road to Bass Pro Shops. There are tons of things in the fly fishing area that could be used for minis including small feathers, animal fur, and other items. I bought this package of deer fur (Jerry said to just take a pocket knife and a razor for when I come upon roadkill). This would be cool on small poly clay animals like beavers, rats, etc. Now to perfect my sculpting skills.
This rainbow trout pin sculpted by an artist in Wisconsin, Virgil Beck, I think will make a good fishing trophy. It may be a little large but I don't think so. It's about 1 3/4" long so we'll see. These items are going in my log home, remember. The one I have to get Jerry who works six days a week to build me??
This or the one in the photo below are on my wish list but will definitely have to wait. This creel is by Catherine Bigot-Duverne of France (if I can hardly pronounce her name, obviously, I can't afford her pieces) for $69 from Swan House Miniatures. The set below is by G. Reed, it says, for a mere $90. I am going to have to really work on my painting skills and start selling mini paintings to afford those more high-cotton accessories.
And, as a parting word, if you're reading this, come out of the woodwork and comment, won't ya? I need affirmation and feedback.


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