Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Efforts at Mini Paintings--This is Harder Than it Looks!Here are some more efforts at miniature paintings. It's a lot darned harder than it looks and since I took art lessons in my teen years (eons ago) I have forgotten most of what I learned and my eyes have gotten a lot worse (I attempt this wearing two pairs of reading glasses, one 1.5 strength and the other 2.0 strength). I think it might be a while before I am ready to try to sell any of these on eBay but maybe others out there who aren't art critics and can't see any better than I can will think these are by some poor little geriatric sole who needs money to buy her dog a can of food. Actually, that's not too unlike my actual circumstances when you get right down to it. At 45 I am quite curmudgeonly at times and I need money to feed and clothe three children who are college bound. So, if I want to purchase or play with mini's I've got to find a way to support my habit.
Cringing yet again to show them up close but they say photographing an artistic endeavor will show your flaws and where they need improvement. These are still works in progress so if you have any suggestions, I will be happy to hear them.
I see my barn is leaning a bit more than I intended so I may have to work on straightening it. Also, the tree will get more branches and the ground more leaves and plants.
I like the owl in the tree surrounded by bittersweet though I didn't quite do him justice. Oh, to be able to replicate nature in paint!


MiniBear said...

Love the owl...he looks like I feel in the morning!

Anne said...
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Anne said...

I love the owl too. Rarely an owl will glide over our yard in the evening - what a thrill that is. The neighbor next door raises and races pigeons so the hawks and owls in the area use it as a convenient food store.
Your owl has a perfect 'owl' expression on his face. Very nicely done.

Peggy said...

I think your barn is fine. It looks like the ones around here that are falling down. Very old and falling apart.


Minna said...

Hello Jody! I love the things you have here and I am sure I will come back. I have added your blog to my links blog, too.