Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Log Home of My DreamsThese the the pix from Veranda magazine, Fall and Winter Issue 1989, three years after we married. I have kept it through three children, a move, several jobs and various places of safekeeping. It is in Highlands, North Carolina just over the Blue Ridge Mountains from us and was owned by Tom Hayes and Toby West, interior decorators and antiques dealers who, the article said, designed and decorated many homes in Highlands and, I think, live and work primarily in Atlanta. Anyway, whereas in my naive youth, I thought we might one day own such a log home in the mountains as reality turned out, I will be very lucky if Jerry ever has time to build one for me in miniature. So, I am collecting towards one day owning a facsimile of this log home in miniature (see my previous posts). This shows the bear hall tree, like the one in miniature I bought from SP Miniatures with some of my holiday and birthday money. See these pix larger by clicking on my Flickr badge!

Here is a view from the balcony down onto the living room. I fell in love with the red florals and solids against the honey tones of the wooden furniture and the logs. See the snow skis in the corner? Again, I purchased some of these in mini also from SP Miniatures and they were made in Italy--that's incidentally as close as I'll ever come to Italy as well.
This view shows the other side of the living room and part of the fire place. The half barrel of firewood? Got one like it from SP Miniatures as well. I also bought a Winchester rifle, a moose head and some other goodies fit for a log home from Grandma Holly's on eBay and from Dollhouse Collectibles on eBay. I'll be posting pix of some of them in the near future so 'stay tuned'.
Here is the kitchen. I ordered a 'maple' moder kitchen cabinet set from Ernie at Hobby Builders Supply. Also got the beautiful Sir Thom Thumb dough board that was like the one my grandmother used to go in my kitchen from SP.

Lastly, here is the little irony of my having fallen in love with this cabin. See the miniature Christmas vignette in the room box on this chest?? These guys also loved things in miniature I think and, at least at the time of this publication, they had mini pieces of furniture, mini scenes and rag dolls placed throughout the house. I've tried to publish this post and post these pix so many times now I was beginning to think I had been banned from blogger. So, please comment if you're reading this!

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Anne said...

The house is charming, warm, and comfortable. Seems you are getting a lot of enjoyment out of collecting the various part needed to make your mini house become a reality.