Friday, January 25, 2008

Gotta Have's for My Planned Mini Log Home!!Wren Song Miniatures has the neatest pieces of furniture, lamps and accessories for my log home. I must have this entire scene here--the table with carved frieze, the lamp with moose and the painting. These are part of Kathleen Stewart's North Woods collection. The table is $47; the framed wildlife print is $26 and the moose lamp is $42. Piece of cake. I happen to have $115 just lying around--not. Especially after my big buying spree with my holiday bucks. But this is top on my list for whenever I can swing it. If my precious children didn't need to eat at school, put gas in cars, and occasionally get a new pair of jeans, . . . .
Now, this is to die for as well. Lorraine Scuderi makes these beautifully dressed log beds. They are so far out of my range just now I won't even put the price. But, DH can do this type of thing as far as the bed itself goes and I'm right handy with a needle and thread so. . . . . we'll see what we can come up with in our 'spare time'.
Another Lorraien Scuderi piece I would love in my imaginary log home.
This is this morning's attempt at a Great Blue Heron. He is not so great, I know but he is in progress. One of my former art teachers, Pam Brown, who is known widely around our region for her beautiful watercolor originals and prints, mainly of wildlife, said one day that she paints every day whether she feels like it or not. I am attempting to do this as well in an endeavor to improve. This is what I started this morning. Of course, if you visit Daily Miniature Paintings (see my links--I think this is what it's called) you will see how much improvement a rusty old novice like me has to make. But the first step of any process, no matter how daunting, is to begin and I have done this so we'll see how it goes.

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