Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Few of My Mini Acquisitions from SP Miniatures--Love Them!I love this little bear hall tree from SP Miniatures by Jeanetta Kendall. Amazingly, it is almost exactly like the bear hall tree in my dream log home in Highlands, NC, which was featured in Veranda magazine in 1989. Yes, I've kept that issue all these years of our marriage through three children and the building of our house seven years ago. The dream used to be that we would one day own a log home in the mountains much like it. As life has turned out, I will be lucky indeed to achieve that dream in miniature. I am going to picture that log home on this blog soon because that is the new goal. I want Jerry to build me a log home in miniature in between his full-time job, the hay business in season, sewing machine repair and everything else he does.
This is one of my new prized Sir Thom Thumb pieces also from SP Miniatures. I have a ladder and a few small tools but this dough tray looks almost exactly like the one that belonged to my mother's mother, Maggie Alman, for whom our oldest daughter is named (and also for Jerry's maternal grandmother who was also Maggie). I can remember watching Mama hold this tray in her lap mixing the dough on one end of this tray with quick sweeping motions with one hand while the dry flour sat waiting to be added to the mix on the other end. She died when I was about ten so this had to be in my early childhood memories. My mother would go to their house on Hydrick Street in Spartanburg from our home in Landrum about 30 minutes away and clean their house on Monday and every Monday Mama would cook chicken and dumplings, green beans, biscuits and creamed potatoes. I would love to go in that house today but the people might have me arrested for breaking and entering. I loved that house and I think I was a Sears bungalow design.
These snow skis (there is a beautiful pair propped in the corner of my dream log home in Veranda magazine, 1989) by Taller Targioni of Spain, also from SP Miniatures. I was so flattered and gratified to go back to the site and see that beside these beatifully detailed skis, it said SOLD. That was little ole' me from Inman, South Carolina! I now own these!!!!!!! Now, I can't ski myself and have hardly an athletic tendency in my exercise-deprived body. But, every log home needs a pair of snow skis and my dream log home has them so there.
This steer skull by whom I do not know, is also an SP Miniatures purchase and I love it. We have been to Colorado twice to stay with friends out there and this reminded me of some of the steer skulls you might come upon on those wide, sweeping prairie lands. It is so detailed and perfect.
The pick axe I just had to purchase also from SP Miniatures and I guess it could be a pick axe used by those early gold miners in Colorado and since that is probably the most 'exotic' locale we will ever visit, I have to have a few items that represent that beautiful, wondrous state. And it's also a Sir Thom Thumb piece and it has weight to it. I could set up a mini Sir Thom Thumb museum one day I so love every piece 'he' makes, whoever he is.

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