Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Witchy Things

Alas, my time for mini's has completely gone lately as we're getting ready for upcoming shows, classes and our summer Shop Hop at the quilt shop where I work. I've been swamped. However, when I am sitting here at the computer gobbling down a burger or a PB&J for lunch, I am still searching all over the web for witchy things such as botanical prints, witch clip art and prints for inspiration, vintage witch postcards and documents from old texts about witches and witchcraft. Here are a few. The one of the witch in the long skirt with a walking cane I found searching Yahoo Images for 'hags'. It was on a lady's blog and she didn't say where it was from so it may very well be an original, copywritten painting. I can't find another source for it. So, if anyone can shed light on it, I'd appreciate it. I may want to use it for an altered art piece but I don't want to infringe on copyrights.

I haven't been able to update either blog for a while and was almost ousted--and understandably so--from the Quilting 4 Pleasure webring so I am making a concerted effort to at least post a few pix and a paragraph or two even if I am not making any progress whatsoever on my mini endeavors. The witch's house is still sitting on my dining room table at this point waiting for us to install the windows and finish the outside and roof. And this weekend we have a graduation in which Maggie is a junior scholar, two wedding showers and I teach a machine quilting class Saturday morning. Oh, if I could only run on four hours of sleep a night! But I am still alive and still have every intention of getting this thing done by Halloween!

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