Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Witchy Accessories, eBay Stuff

On our trip to Pigeon Forge for the quilt show this weekend, I searched for mini-scaled items. As big a tourist mecca as it has become in the course of my 44 years, you'd think there would be a dollhouse miniature shop up there but alas, no. So, I had to treat it like a scavenger hunt and find things that would work in scale. In the first photo, there is a dinosaur skull I bought in a toy shop. It was a key ring and I simply took out the ring part. (I have him pictured propped on a folded piece of cardboard). There is also a wall shelf I purchased at a local yard sale about a year or two ago that will go on the wall and hold more potions and bottles. The 'brooch' is some sort of print in a badly done frame. I bought it at a local antique shop for $5. I'll take off the pin back and hang it on the wall. There is a cool pedastal from Manor House Miniatures that was on sale (she has such good bargains). It will house a plant of some sort. The saw and hammer I bought from a seller on eBay and they were handmade. The witch has got to have some tools. She can't use her magic powers for just everything. The crystal ball is a marble I also bought from the same antique store in Campobello. I am still waiting for Jerry to get time to make my wooden box for making molds to create a stand from an Avon bottle base.

The Peruvian devil face is a bead from Vintage Treasures by Judy on eBay (I spend entirely too much time and $$ there, obviously). The Peruvian devil bead was $1.35 and the skull key chain was $1.50. I'll take the chain part off and what an evil, grumpy skull he will be, affronted and ticked off to have died in a motorcycle accident I think. After all, he was listed as a biker skull key chain so obviously he met his untimely demise on one of those things. They will kill you. I also bought from Judy a neat pewter dragon for $1.38

I actually got out alot of my furniture and accessories last night and arranged them in the house and I love it. It's shaping up pretty well. I still have the windows to tackle and would like to enhance them some but will have to wait until I have a spare minute in my jam-packed schedule. We go set up a Handi Quilter in a customer's home tonight; we have another quilt show this weekend where we will be vendors and tomorrow is not my Wednesday off. So, all in time I guess.

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