Thursday, March 8, 2007

Walls are up and Witch's Cupboard Progress

Here are pix of the progress I made on the Orchid as my witch's cottage last week. The top photo is the walls and floors glued together with painter's tape. Luckily, when I pulled the tape off, it stayed together! The next photo is of the upper floor. I painted it first with two coats of Gesso sanding lightly in between, then black acrylic paint, then I sprayed it with the filament 'marbling' spray that creates a marbled effect and then I painted it with a wash of gel medium mixed with purple and silver metallic acrylic paint. Finally, I sprayed it with matte sealer and sprinkled the extra fine glitter on it.
The next photo is of the ceiling of the main floor. I Gesso-ed it, then painted it with a creamy tan and then held a lit candle underneath it to smoke it up. I was impatient to start seeing walls go up so haven't sealed it yet but I will.
The next photo is of the witch's cupboard with some of the potion bottles glued in place. I had entirely too much fun burning the edges of the labels with a wood burning tool and gluing them on. Not finished with this yet but I also glued the ghost on top and I think he adds a neat touch. Not bad for a $1 Michael's cupboard.
The last photo is of the little table I assembled from a piece of round, beveled wood I found in the wood crafting section at Hobby Lobby and a wooden turning that makes a perfect pedastal. I simply painted it with two coats of Gesso and two coats of black acrylic and sprayed it with matte sealer. I'm trying to make a table cloth out of this glitzy piece of dark red material with glitter flecks in it (after many, many attempts, I was finally able to manually thread my serger to serge the edges). I tried sewing a running thread through about an inch from the bottom to 'pleat' it and make it look as if it's hanging but there is some trick to that that has not been revealed to me in all of my hunting for tips, tutorials and techniques all over the world wide web! When Jerry gets around to making me a wooden box to use as a mold making box, I have an Avon plastic ginger jar base that I want to make a mold of in porcelain and a really large clear marble with a blue swirl through it that I will make into a crystal ball.
Also in the last photo is a pix of a terra cotta container of some kind I've had for centuries so can't remember where I got it that I painted with the same purple, gel medium and silver metallic to look like a large challis. The mirror frame made from the plastic belt buckle is also visible in the photo.
In the spirit of authenticity, I even ordered owl pellets from a company on eBay and Joanna and I sat at the kitchen table and sorted through those for bones and skulls. I'll put some of the bones in the challis with some ash and tiny eggs I also got from some unknown (or un-remembered source). If I weren't teaching a class tonight at the shop, I'd glue on the roof pieces but, alas, I'll probably come home and collapse. I may get to do that tomorrow at some point after cleaning my Dad's house and going to a funeral with him. Maybe.

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