Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Photos: See Post Below

See today's actual post below but this was the only way I could post more pix. The skeleton came from Pixi Gardens Dollhouse store on eBay--love him. The bed also came from an eBay seller who shall remain nameless. It arrived with two broken legs and musty, soiled bedding in a moldy box which he tried to say got that way in transit (!!) when I asked for a partial refund. Funny thing, the outer box was in pristine condition. He did grudgingly give me a partial refund when I pointed out that I had both boxes and could prove him wrong but when I ripped off the bedding and glued it back together, I think it will be perfect for the witch's bed. The next pix is of the table after I Stiffy-ed it and the last two are close-up's of the cupboard (see below). By the way, forgot to mention the bowls I poured and fired from an Iandola mold I've had forever. I just painted them with acrylic paints but when I get into this more, I intend to use ceramic glazes. Sorry they're blurry. Not my best camera and not my best glasses today.

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