Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Green Man, Absinthe, Creepy Things, and a Wart Hog's Head

In my obsession with the witch's cottage, I have found some really cool inspirations, printables, and downloads all over the World Wide Web! Including statuary of gargoyles and the green man, documents from the Salem Witch trials, great hairy wart hogs mounted in mid-squeal, old lithographs and prints of creepy crawly insects, arachnoids and flying things and beautiful labels from 'The Green Goddess' (or The Green Fairy or Green Death as it has been dubbed throughout its very colorful history), Absinthe. I've got this wonderful little perfume bottle that's a little large but, hey, every witch has to take a nip of Absinthe so I am debating whether to order the stuff that is supposed to be realistic looking water or if clear glue mixed with green food coloring is enough to look like Absinthe. If anyone out there knows, let me know!

I did get one side of the house paper-clayed and carved in stones with what I thought was pretty good success for an amateur. I'm no Toppdollar (aka Tracy) nor Rik Pierce but you've got to start somewhere. I'll post pix as soon as possible.

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