Thursday, February 22, 2007

Witchy Printies and A Cool Potions Font

In working on a witch's cottage for my friend, Beth, I have perused the web for images of antique spellbooks and witchcraft manuals, old maps, prints and lithographs. I printed some of these out on photo paper, sprayed them with fixative and then copied them onto a parchment-shaded specialty paper I got at the office supply store. I'll cut these out and glue them to card stock and varnish them and then frame them--or just lay them about on the tables. One is a neat Witch's alphabet and another is a Wheel of the Year. Yes, I have been visiting quite a few wiccan and rare books libraries on the web for these and they usually appear on the screen the very size you need them. I've also printed an index sheet out which prints some of the pages I've found in perfect 1:12 scale for pages. I'll try my hand at making spell books of these.

I also found at, some really cool fonts including Magik, A Charming Font, Haunt Roe, and several others. They claim to have 10,000 fonts and they are free. If you're like me and know just enough about the computer to be dangerous, you download the font and click Next when prompted (at least in Windows). Then you open your Fonts folder from Control Panel and condense it. Then you click and drag the font from the file (which you also have condensed in the background on your screen) and it automatically saves the font so that when you open Word, you have that font as one of your choices. I then set up a page with five columns (under Format and Columns) and set text at 10, 11, 12 and used the Magik font to print out my potion labels such as Ear Wax, Dragon Breath, Belladonna, Sulphur, Slug Slime, Mouse Bones, Love Potion, Dead Man's Toes, Toenails, Moth Fur, Eye of Newt, etc., etc. I've already ordered several sets of the little glass bottles with corks and have filled some with glitter in various colors, no holes beads, some dried herb flakes from my kitchen and I found some really neat aged small glass beads that are transparent except for a grey-black dot in each and they make neat looking fish eyes. I also found some really extra fine gold metallic powder in the paint section at Lowe's which I will label Pixie Dust. I am going to cut these labels out in irregular shapes and slightly burn the edges using a candle and tweezers and then glue them on using Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue. I also used this to glue the corks into the bottles after filling them. Some of the small wooden turnings you get in packages at craft stores also make wonderful bottles when painted. Really, I'm having entirely too much fun on this project. And I understand that some people find Halloween to be a pagan, irreverent, occult holiday but although I am a regular church-going Christian who sings soprano every Sunday morning in the choir, my family always celebrated Halloween and had a lot of fun. I don't look at it as a pagan, devil-worshipping holiday. In fact, it gets its name from All Saint's or Hallowed's Eve. Anyway, just had to put that little disclaimer in there for anyone who might be reading this or stumble upon it and think I've completely gone over to the dark side.

I have also ordered a black cat with hackles raised which is so realistic and today, I ordered a 5 1/2" skeleton through eBay. I've got to get my kiln/porcelain issues resolved and make some more polymer clay push molds so I can start selling a few mini's to pay for my habit. And I really want to find some contests and venues to enter this gem when I get it finished. It is quite an undertaking and frankly, I'll be wanting to show it off when completed. I've even roped my wonderful husband, Jerry into helping me glue the window sashes and sils and clamp them.

I'm trying to save as much money as I can on this. One of my projects is a bashed $1 cupboard from Michael's. I have sanded it with my Dremel and painted it with Gesso but then I found that the shelves are too short for the bottles with their corks in. So, I'm sanding down the top of the upper shelf and I'll have to re-Gesso that. I've bought some acrylic crackle medium and I'm thinking of painting it a burnt orange and then doing the crackle treatment with black since the walls will be a goldish tan.

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