Monday, February 12, 2007

A Witch's Cottage

One of the projects I'd like to accomplish in miniature--and by this October!!--is a witch's cottage. I found the pix of this precious witch's house on Webshots in 001char's photos. I love all the bottles and containers of potions and elixers, the fireplace and rocking chair, the buzzard on the roof hovering over his collection of bones, the mushroom garden outside and all the other little details this artisan put in! There are several witch's cottages and houses you can view on Webshots. This was one of my favorites.

I have a friend, Beth, who loves Halloween and we especially love the movie Hocus Pocus. She has a big party every Halloween and has her house all decorated and looking so great. And she's all dolled up in her witch's costume and looking so great. I'd love to create a miniature witch's cottage for her (shhhh! Don't tell her)--if she'd let me borrow it back if I wanted to at times! So, I bought The Orchid house kit at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off internet coupon and I intend to get started kit-bashing it ASAP (in between work, children, the tiny modicum of house cleaning I get done, etc., etc., etc.). I'm pretty excited about it but we'll see if that will be a long-lasting feeling once I start pulling sheets of wood out of the box and plowing through the directions. I've skimmed them and they keep stressing, "assembly is easy IF you follow the directions step by step". I'm pretty famous for not following directions at all so we shall see what we shall see. There is a Greenleaf Community of blogs about various people's construction of their kits so I'm sure I'll be 'haunting' that (pardon the pun) as I dive into this project.

Oh, and the first photo is of an alleged witch's cottage in Beverly Hills--not a miniature. Would I love to go through that!