Wednesday, February 7, 2007

On My Mini Compulsions

This is my first entry on my blog about my compulsion for miniatures. My other blog is about my other creative obsession, quilting at While I have mentioned mini's there and posted a few pix, my fellow quilters in the two rings I belong to are not into mini's and I don't want their eyes glazing over with boredom while I expound on this particular creative outlet or post pix of my mini little accomplishments, wants and wherefore's.

When I was a child, my father actually built me a dollhouse. It was a Colonial style two-story house with two added wings which were the den and kitchen. We went so far as to wallpaper and carpet most of the rooms and furnish every room at least partially before I discovered boys and went on to various art lessons including oil painting, acrylics and watercolor. Over my 44 years including college, marriage and three beautiful children, I have dabbled in various creative pursuits. When I say "various", I mean that our basement looks like a graveyard of cast off arts and crafts including the basket-making phase of the early '80's, the porcelain doll-making phase of the later '80's (by far the most expensive foray), the easel and tackle box with oil paints from college, and the shelves, plastic storage boxes and cabinets literally filled with my quilting stash of fabrics, notions, patterns, etc..

In fact, I actually believe I have a syndrom heretofore unlabeled in this day of syndroms and disorders, CADHD, Creative Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I even took one of those internet psychology tests the other day (a dangerous expedition into the better-left-unknown waters of self-discovery) which said among "blah, blah, blah . . ." something to the effect that my particular personality type is always seeking that elusive 'something better' as far as our creative pursuits go. Like I needed that test to tell me that. It's the story of my life. As I am the poster woman for 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None', that one big success in my various creative pursuits that will lead to "fame and fortune" has thus far elluded me and thus, I continue to search and leap from one thing to another.

Which leads me to my circuitous route back into mini's. For some unknown reason, I have this compulsive desire to create a Santa's house complete with the Missus baking in the kitchen, the toy testing room filled with elves tinkering, testing, painting and assembling toys, etc., etc.. I can't exactly say why this is a burning desire. As a card-carrying member of Procrastinators Anonymous, we didn't even get our Christmas tree up this year until about three weeks before the big day and then it stayed up for about three weeks afterwards until we made the children take everything down. I'm not one of those women who live to bedeck every corner of the house in evergreen boughs, red bows, and poinsettias. So, anyway, for whatever unknown reason, I have been making and collecting tiny pieces of furniture, toys, accessories, etc. for the day I can actually afford a large miniature house to transform into Santa's digs.

I am even back into pouring and firing porcelain. I bought Ethel and Samuel, two older man and woman molds from Doreen Sinnett with my Christmas $$ and am pouring my old Scioto cherub molds and the mini's. I even had two or three old Iandola mini molds including three nesting bowls and two wall pocket plant containers. Of course, with my work and teaching schedule at the quilt shop where I work, I hardly have time to do any of this but I fit it in where I can.

So, the photos are of various mini's I have made and collected. The top photo is of a pair of snow shoes I made from an Around the House kit from, a mini teddy bear sans the ears and final assembly, a snow scene worked on 48 count silk needlepoint material and which I adapted from a pix in one of my back issues of a miniature magazine and a polymer clay mirror frame I made using a plastic belt buckle I found in my mother's things while cleaning last week. I made a press mold and will paint it. The last photo is of some of the things I've bought on eBay through various mini stores there and from Cotton Ridge Designs. The basket is an Al Chadronnait and the coping saw is a Sir Thom Thumb piece. I had to have some 'whitey tighties for Santa and the little mini top is perfect.

I intend for this blog to be about my various mini projects and will include links to photos, tutorials, etc. that I find interesting in the vast world of mini's. One of my biggest tips for other miniature buffs is to print out tutorials and pix on the web and put them in sheet protectors and large 3-ring binders for easy access and protection. Perhaps if I successfully finish my miniature Santa I'm attempting to sculpt in Super Sculpey, I'll show him here. I'm still tweaking him.

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