Monday, February 26, 2007

My Scraggly, Lovable Dog and Witch's Cupboard

Over the weekend, I worked on my dog. When Kerri Pajutee (see my links) says in her tutorial to use tacky glue sparingly when applying fur, she means it. I kind of got carried away with my glue and therefore, he looks a little like he rolled in honey. I will attempt to make him look less straggly but I love him (even though Jerry said he looks more like a mangey coyote) and he will blend in fine with my Santa's house I am eventually going to do when I can ever afford one of the stomp down grand house kits! At least he does resemble a dog; I learned a lot in the process and even though at this point Ms. Pajutee has nothing to fear as far as competition from me, I am nonetheless pretty proud of my fledgling dog-making efforts. My good friend Eric Nix liked him and Eric is, like me, honest to a fault and would have said if he thought he looked like a mangey coyote. In fact, in my defense, when I told him what Jerry said, he said Jerry looks like a mangey coyote. So there. (Actually, Jerry is tall, dark and handsome but when he makes sneering comments about my efforts, he deserves what he gets!)
The other pix are of various projects slated for my witch's cottage. The little cupboard is the $1 Michael's cupboard. I Dremeled the top shelf roof away so my little potion bottles would fit (which is why the two sides are uneven!), sanded it and painted it with two coats of Gesso, painted it with two coats of orange Ceramcoat acrylic paint, a layer of crackle medium and then a coat of black. I thought, amongst all my crafting junk from my various forays and verrings over the years, that I had spray matte sealer but alas, none was found so I've got to head to Hobby Lobby and buy some of that. I also have to replace the little drawer knobs which looked entirely too big to me. Jerry told me (maybe I already wrote this) that I should have taken the drawer out and painted it separately but I told him that for $1 you don't actually get a working drawer. You have to upgrade to about $15 minimum for working drawers.
The potion bottles are filled with glitter, dried seasonings and beads and I did write about downloading the Magik font at, printing out my page of potion labels and then cutting them out and holding them near a flame with tweezers to burn the edges. I love them. If only little glass bottles weren't so pricey from various sources--as far as replica Bell jars, etc. I have ordered a few but I do this on a budget with three children (two catapulting at break-neck speed toward college, one driving and one still deep in the bowels of the public school system in second grade) and this is for a friend and, though I love her deeply, I can't afford to spend mega-bucks. The two in the back in the photo are little wood turnings I painted with two coats of metallic paint mixed with regular paint and then coated with clear varnish.
The last photo is of the mirror frame I made from a Sculpey push mold of a plastic belt buckle that was in my mother's things. I've got to paint the back black and still want to work on the gold scrolling but I like the black acrylic paint and though it doesn't show in the photo, I sprinkled it with black glitter which I think looks really cool.
Tonight, I'd like to work on the ceiling of the top floor as I'm anxious to put this thing together. I've Gessoed the floor and Jerry suggests I paint it a light color and then smoke it with my candle. I may try that!

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Awesome work all-around! I've added a link to your blog on mine too! :)