Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Cottage Style Minis and a Dressed Bed

 A gold sofa with divided skirt. This 100% cotton fabric has a subtle metallic sheen and allover floral tone-on-tone pattern.

 In this room, the coffee table and chair are by Bespaq. The framed print is by My Dollhouse Pictures.
 A country cottage gold and pink floral sofa with coordinating pillows.  These sofa's are from my own pattern and have a box pleated skirt.
 In this room, the print is by My Dollhouse Pictures.  The rug is by Dale's Dreams.  I made the hydrangea and the goose decoy which are also available in my Etsy, Peach Blossom Hill.

 This is my first dressed bed.  I think this oak sleigh bed is by Town House Miniatures.  The comforter is quilted and is a 100% cotton Jacobean style floral in green and a peachy rose floral on a dark blue background. The sheets are a 100% peach soft peach floral on an ivory ground. The plaid throw is also 100% cotton and is fringed.

 In this room, I also mde the goose decoy and made the side table and balloon shade. The blanket chest is a music box. The framed sampler is by My Dollhouse Pictures. The braided rug is by Mini Cabin Decor, both vendors on Etsy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Little Sofa In a British DM Magazine

One of my little sofa's is included in a spread on scale mini sofa's in a Britsh DM magazine in the December issue!!!  And gosh, my little country cottage sofa is in some very fine, upscale company!  What artistry I can only hope to aspire to!  What an honor!!!!

Here is the link to the article by Jane Kubeisa: http://www.scribd.com/doc/109712529/10-Best-Sofas

This was one of my favorite sofa's made from a Quilt Gate fabric from the Versailles collection and is sadly no longer available. I know because I have scoured the internet, quilt shows and shops for it to no avail. Anyway, it's such an honor, I had to brag!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Sofa Skirt Design

 I have finally created a pattern for a new sofa skirt design.  I have been doing box pleats on every one but wanted to do this more tailored look so did my math (never have been good at math) and finally figured it out. This was the prototype.  Reminds me of sofa's in some of my great-aunts' homes.  I'll be doing more of these in various patterns and colors. And I'm also working on some chair designs.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Rose Chaise and Blue Toile Sofa

 I have just listed in my Etsy two new pieces, a rose floral chaise in a feminine, shabby chic cotton print with coordinating pillow. It is perfect for a living room, bedroom or sun room with a cottage feel.
 In this room setting, I also made the hydrangea.  The cheese keeper is by Valerie Casson. The peach iced tea is by Everyday Gourmet. The chair is by Bespaq. The mantel clock was a kit from Cynthia Howe Miniatures.

 The blue toile fabric I have had for several years and I doubt I can still find it. I am not sure.  I think it's in perfect scale for 1:12th.  The Chippendale style sofa has box pleats and two coordinating white pillows with a subtle swirling pattern that has a soft sheen.  I also made the goose decoy and the blue hydrangea. The coffee table is by Lee's Line.  The decorative plate on the coffee table is by A Lavender Dilly on Etsy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue Hydrangea

 A blue hydrangea in a pedestal vase in my Etsy.  The cheese keeper is by Valerie Casson of Fance. The pewter biscuit box is by Warwick Miniatures and the framed print is from My Dollhouse Pictures on Etsy.
 The grandfather clock is a kit by Chrysnbon that my Dad put together for me.  Ironically, my Dad enjoys building clocks and we have several in our house built by him.  The one in our living room has the Westminster chimes which I love although it becomes part of the background landscape and, often, I don't even hear it!
I also made the black cherry chaise pictured here. The upholstered chair is by Bespaq.  I also made the goose at the base of the clock.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Fall River Painting in Acrylic

 A fall river painting in watercolor and acrylic available in my Etsy.  Framed it measures 3 1/2" x 2 5/8" and is perfect for a cabin, primitive or traditional living room.  I also made the Chippendale sofa, the fall wreath with poly clay and paper sunflowers.  The armoire and coffee table are by Lee's Line. The butter churn and crock are by Jane Graber from SP Miniatures.  The Indian corn is also from SP Miniatures but I can't remember the maker's name.  According to Carol, she is no longer doing many mini's and Carol found this in her inventory.  The little pottery pumpkin candy jar is by my friend Joyce of Mostly Art on Etsy.  Dale Chimel of Dale's Dreams did the rug.  The pewter biscuit jar on the coffee table is by Warwick Miniatures. The rustic birdhouse and the Jack Daniels crate (it is barely visible under the window)are by Marquis Miniatures.  The 'tin-punch' lamp is by Mini Cabin Decor on Etsy.

The room box I ordered from a man who sells on Miniatures Only (I can't remember his name) and my Dad cut a hole in the top and framed it in and put in the double window and framed it in. He also painted it a light cream.  I cut the wooden floor to fit and it can be removed to put in carpet for a different look.  I cover the top and the window with interfacing which diffuses and softens the light. I set the window box in the window for natural light above and place an Ott light outside the window, set up my room and take photos with and without flash. I then further edit them in PicMonkey for better contrast, warmer color, etc.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Back! Hoping All Are Well!

My latest mini painting, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" based on a photo I took when we visited friends in Colorado.
In this photo, I made the gourd, the Chippendale sofa, the polymer clay goose and apples. Dale made the rug; Bertie's Miniatures made the zebra wood turned vase; Joyce of Mostly Art made the green pottery vase and red flowers; the butter churn is by Jane Graber; the dough board is by Sir Thom Thumb and the fireplace was a House of Miniatures kit.
This is my latest little floral chaise--I love this fabric by a Japanese company, Quilt Gate (hope they survived the tsunami and earthquakes okay).
In these two photos, I made the goose and hydrangea and the ivy from a kit. Mercedes Spencer made all of the lovely feminine, shabby chic accessories including the bird's nest, the trash can, the little bird houses and primitive doll, floral ewer and shopping bag.
I have been gone from my blog for nearly a year and I have missed it but it's been quite a tumultuouas year! We've had some family issues which are, for the most part resolved in a good way at this point. In addition to the hay we grow on our farm, Hampton Road Farms, he has started buying hay we cannot grow here from northern Kentucky and selling it and, so far, we've been blessed in that endeavor. It's hard work but he loves it and I pray for strength to continue to help him.

I want to thank all of you who have written to ask if we're okay--it touched me deeply and brought a tear to my eye! Thank you so much. Miniaturists are some of the most compassionate, loving, kind folks I have ever met and I'm privileged to get to know you through our shared passion. I had to leave blogging for a while since I couldn't devote the time to visit around to everyone (I'm still working three days a week as well) and make pertinent comments. I've been glad to keep up with some of you on Facebook. So, I'm trying to come back and I'll try to get around to everyone. I've lost so much not keeping up with what you've been up to but I'll try to go back a bit as I can and catch up! Thank you again for accepting me in your ranks, forgiving my lapses and checking up on me! And, Mercedes, if you read this, I am still collecting some goodies up for you! I am overcome with guilt I still owe you some things in our swap! I'll hope to send it soon!